I hate myself so much? My girlfriend is being shit to me?

I don't know what to do with my life, but let me explain what happened. It all started after I fell asleep. I woke up to texts of my girlfriend "I'm crying, I need you" I was so worried so I spammed her but she was asleep. She then woke up and told me about her best friend Kylie not talking to her again. She said she's not talking to her because she's being an "obsessive ex girlfriend" and that I'll never love her and such. So I told my girlfriend to get back with her, and I was trying to persuade her to talk to her best friend and such, but she won't listen. And this is like her long time best friend. Every time we go somewhere and spoke she used to mention her best friend. She wouldn't listen. I'm depressed because... I've lost many friends when I liked a girl and I regret losing them all. Please help.


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  • I didn t understand nthng about your post man :/


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  • So... what you're saying is... is that your girlfriend rather eat pussy than let you penetrate her.

  • It's called shit test. Learn to pass it mate.