What was your best or worst past NYE's experience?

As 2015 comes to an end, I want to hear some best or worst experiences you all had on New Years Eve.
I pretty much don't do anything spectacular to ring in the new year; this time, I'll binge watch Supernatural episodes on Netflix, cause that's how I roll. 😍🎉


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  • HA I watched all of Supernatural in 3 months! NOOB!


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  • My best new years was probably when I went to the bar with two guys. It was supposed to be a date but the other guy got stood up so it was just the 3 of us socializing and doing non-date activities. I still think about this guy every day even though I irritated him and he no longer talks to me. I don't want to date him because I think he humours himself at my expense - he mocked me for not knowing what a hedge fund trader was.


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  • So you're saying "that's what I do"?

    I'll hopefully be going to my formal party tomorrow, get to see all the girls dressed up, finally. I'm sick though, so I'm hoping it'll be done by then


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  • My best was Freshman year in college. We rented a party bus and got in VIP at several places. My worst was when I was 25. My bestfriend from high school passed away over Christmas and I was just coming home from being out of town for his funeral the day before. I didn't even make it until midnight I just couldn't be out being happy knowing he was gone. 😢