Ways to develop more confidence?



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  • Act like you're confident. Pretend you're an actor who's playing the role of a confident woman. What would she do? How would she act? Do those things.

    • Good idea lol

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    • Don't be a douche, but yes.

      Shonda Rhimes (creator of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder) wrote a book about this... "The Year of Yes". She spent one year, saying YES to everything that scared her. and how that changed her life.

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  • Dont compare yourself to others, you'll never look or be like somone else so its a waste of time to think about that. Work on the things u dont like about yourself to make them better. set goals!! And work hard to accomplish them, the whole process will make u feel so good, it will show u that u are strong and u are worth it :)

    • I wanna be more confident in asking questions
      And talking to more people

    • Oh okay I get ya... I used to be really insecure about that too, until I realized nothing can go wrong lol u just need to force yourself to do it, get off your comfort zone, ask simple things and then u can develop an idea.. Whats the worse thing that can happen? You just need to throw yourself out there and do it
      Thanks for MHO by the way :)

    • Welcome and truee.

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