Fireplace: Good addition to a home or waste of space?

I know, odd question.

My family is meant to be moving to a house in the next couple of years once we've managed to fix it back up to a state we're happy with, there's one bedroom in particular I'm looking at moving into which has (Well, had) a fireplace, it's a fairly big room which is a massive change from my current one, honestly if I had a double bed it'll fit wall to wall. Not kidding. There's barely any room for me to do any filmmaking work here, the new room is about five times the room I have at the moment, I've sketched up some plans to turn the space into my own study/ workplace/ bedroom.

We haven't decided what to do with it just yet, there is the idea of just bricking it up for space/fire concerns as the house has been passed down quite a lot in the family, but for winter nights I might just get a portable electric heater (See pic below for reference) as it does generate heat, just gives a fake fire effect.
Fireplace: Good addition to a home or waste of space?Would you have a fireplace? If not, howcome?


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  • I would recommend having one if it gets chilly where you are located.

  • Waste of expensive space.

  • Those are ok but built in ones are great to have for all kinds of reasons.