Have you ever had a vision of having a kid? What does it mean?

Well I had sex with a guy from my past but he had a vasectomy done maybe about a year or so ago? And anyways he relased inside of me. Anyways after sex I took a shower, in his shower and during that time I was showering I imagined having a little baby girl (about 2-3) and her bathing in the bath tub and me helping her out like a mother giving her kids a bath. It was like a movie playing in my head and I could see it. I'm probably not pregnant but is this my maternal instincts or wishes kicking in? Has anyone had a vision of having kids and has anything ever come out of it?


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  • no but last night i had a dream about a guy riding a motorcycle that didn't have any feet from a previous accident. then when he got up i was like omg he lost his feet in the accident but then he just put his shoes on his numbs and said what are you looking at.


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  • well, I've had dreams of being pregnant and having kids and frankly they scare me. I'm no therapist or psychologist, so I can't tell you what your visions mean, but I can kind of relate.


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  • I had some visions
    Like I dreamt of my best friend's death a day before she died.
    I dreamt that there would be in a explosion somewhere (Tunisian embassy) and it really happened the next morning.
    ... And other personal stuff, but never having kids,

  • Nope, I haven't had any visions of this sort.