Srs whats the point in having a gf?

i see people on here acting as if bein single is the worst thing in the world n i dont get it, besides a consistent source of sex what does having a girlfriend even offer? there's no real point in having one as far as im concerned that isn't a reason that benefits her more then me.

im constantly told to seek out a girlfriend by my friends and girls always ask me why im single and try to set me up with chicks and get mad when i just bang some girl instead of trying for a realtionship and it confuses me cause they can't seem to take "Im not interested in providing anything but my dick" for an answer.


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  • Your right- most girls have little to offer. They think that their physical beauty is enough and most don't bother to develope much more than that.


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  • Well! You don't need one! Thats true! I am perfectly well humaning begin without any guy...*apple smiles in a creepy weird way!


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