What's with the talking animals on BoJack Horseman?

I watched the first episode and I have a couple questions.

1) How did a society develop with animals living alongside humans? I want to know its dynamics.

2) Have animals even been subject to racism (species-ism?) Are humans dominant? Or just another species?

3) There has to be inter-species marriages. What do the children look like? Human/dog, horse/cat?

4) Were the more wars between species? Did Emus support Emus or human Australians in the Emu War? Are they still salty over it?

5) What was the animals' role in the Holocaust?

6) Can insects talk too? Like lice? How did this affect animals we have to kill?

7) About killing, does the meat industry exist? Isn't it considered genocide?

8) Did the pig doctor got in college easier because of affirmative action?


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  • What type of show is that?

    • Some kind of dark comedy.

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