Am I reallly in the wrong here?

I'm just stuck in a rut recently about everything and life in general.

I chose to talk away from my ex-best friend as to me he wasn't worth the bother anymore, he screwed me over countless times over the past few years, talked behind my back, mocked both me and my family, even degraded me infront of people just to get a ego boost or sympathy for himself, it was a long time coming but we were friends since we started going to school, nearly 15 years. I just stopped talking to him around the time when him (He was 18 at the time mind) thought having a sexual relationship with a THIRTEEN year old girl was a brilliant thing to do, it was all over Facebook, everything.

But yet, I'm in the wrong here; I'm the one as he's been telling 'deserves a punch in the face', he's got a number of old friends from school saying I'm a piece of shit for walking off, I'm the guy that seemingly everyone chooses to cut out of their life when I've clearly done nothing wrong, if anything saved myself from a life I really just don't want to have.

Right now I'm seriously contemplating moving far away from here, go somewhere new and just start over entirely, I'm fed up with how my life is.

Am I really in the wrong?


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  • You don't owe him anything. It's not like you are obligated to be his friend no matter what his behavior. Just let toxic people like that fade out of your life with as little drama as possible.

  • It's a New Year. Leave the past behind.

  • It's my job to judge go with your gut