Court date for violating insurance probation, what now?

So I got pulled over for no insurance paid my ticket and was given a probation period in which I had to keep insurance well while on probation I'd mistakingly forgotten to pay my insurance that pay check and had to wait a few days til my next pay date in which as soon as I got paid I went and paid my insurance well the court of course called to verify that I had kept my insurance w/o any lapses or cancellations the entire probation period and of course my insurance company told them it had cancelled and so now I have to appear in court for it and so I'm wondering have you been in this situation before? If so what might happen?


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  • Jail time is what you usally get for breaking probation but 8n your case they will probably just suspend your license for a year or 2

    • And get incurance on your car because if you don't have it your personal responsibility for any damage caused so if you run into a car and total it you'll have to buy them a new car and if you don't have the money a judge will order 50 to 70 percent of ever paycheck you get to go to them untell there car is repaired or replaced

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