Is this a bad cartoon?

My son was watching The Wonder Pets it was his first and last time watching it. I never watched it I heard about it but I never seen it. We were watching the one where they helped a beaver built his house they used the word damn instead of house. Now my son is going around saying damn or damn it all day. I can't believe they used a bad word in a kids cartoon. We only watched one episode that one. I thought it looked like something like Family Guy or something like that but that was the only bad word I heard. I told him he's not to watch it anymore. He's not allowed to watch Family Guy either. I think it teaches kids to say bad words. My son is only 6. He's no longer allowed to watch Wonder Pets. Is it a bad cartoon? Is it something like Family Guy?


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  • For the love of god, please let this be a troll.


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  • Don't know the Cartoon but I would like to suggest for hom to watch animes but not all types of anime would be good for him if you are intrested please messege me I would love to help


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  • ... a dam is a beaver's house. It's not a curse word. PLEASE tell me you're joking.

  • oh my god no, i may be 14 but that was like my child hood show, i seriously dont swear at all, i didn't even swear when i was younger. so no wonder pets is nothing like family guy.


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