Is it illegal? Can I do something about it?

So my mom has a boyfriend that recently came out of jail. Long story short, I don't like him because of so many reasons. My mom is " christian " and he's acting like he's christian. I know he's fooling my mom. But my mom always cared about her boyfriends more than her kids. She acts like she such a good mother and actually pays attention when her boyfriends around. She brainwashes my sister to turn against me. I want to get rid of this guy because even though my mom treats me like shit, i still care for her and dont want her to get hurt. I recently came across his facebook. And from what i know he done business in prison and he also smuggled a phone in prison. If i have proof of him of a smuggled phone in prison can i do something about it? Will there be any consequences? If so who do i contact or email?


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  • It's probably not illegal, just against the prison rules. Understand that he is no longer in prison, but he is probably on some type of parole, and his parole officer is someone you could reach out to. I don't recommend it though, as you will be just causing waves that will ultimately hurt your relationship with your mother.

  • No he is already out. Having a phone is not a state crime. Is against prison policy. So if you told the prison while he was still in prison he would have gotten consequences. Now that he's out he hasn't broke any laws. My question is why do you say your mom treats you like shit?


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  • Nope.

    Is it illegal to smuggle a phone in prison? It's against the rules, yes.

    But he's out of prison now and crimes in prison that went uncaught can't land him back in prison.

    If he'd been caught with it in prison, he'd be ticketed by the CO (correctional officer) and would attend prison court. He'd have more time added to his sentence.

    But he didn't get caught and now he's out. Sorry you don't like him, but he's free now and hasn't done anything wrong outside of the prison since being released.