They say God give the toughest Battle's to this strongest soldiers. Whats the point of giving people diseases and other tough Battle's?


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  • to test strength. to inspire. to create a new purpose. to bring people closer together. to appreciate life more. to reach out to someone.

    there are SO many reasons why God gives us battles. when you open your eyes to what it is, it's amazing what u can do with that.

    my biggest inspirations in this aspect are that nick guy with no arms or legs, and surfer bethany hamilton, who lost an arm to a shark.
    we notice that people who go through the most hardships are often the happiest and most positive. this is not a coincidence.

    • I think it's bullshit

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    • right, well good luck learning to deal with people who don't agree with u in life.

    • I do... you're the one that told me not to answer questions.. I just said I think it's still bullshit.. I valued your opinion

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  • God's a sadistic asshole, if he even exists.


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  • Life isn't fair. If there was some higher power that could manipulate everything like that then there probably wouldn't be as much bad in the world as there is today. But there is.


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  • Which God said that. People worship many different gods and each thinks the other is an idolater.