How can I make a better first impression?

A few of my friends and I were sitting at lunch when we started talking about the first time we met each other. So when they got to me it was really upsetting. One of my friends thought I was a lesbian, one of them thought I was a psycho, one of them thought I was fresh out of jail, and the last one was scared of me because I didn't show a lot of emotion. I wasn't aware that I came off as an emotionless psycho criminal lesbian. I can admit I'm not a typical girl. I'm a bit boyish. I wear a lot of black and hoodies, I hang out with a lot of guys at first, I'm usually super quite when I first meet people cause I'm nervous, and I'm constantly thinking about everything. Everybody thinks I'm emotionless, when really I feel everything so intensely. Everybody thinks I'm super tough or a psycho, but really I'm more afraid of everybody else than they are of me. Everybody thinks I'm a lesbian for some reason, but really I just get nervous talking around guys that I like so I'm never in a relationship and I hang out with guys a lot so I act like them a bit. I'm just sick of everybody having these weird ideas of me. Everybody either thinks I'm a psycho lesbian or the confident happy girl. I'm neither. I'm sick of everyone thinking I'm something I'm not. I'm just an insecure, terrified, and confused teenaged girl.


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  • Being yourself is nothing to be ashamed about. If people don't like who you are then you are trying to hang with the wrong people. Those girls calling you those things are obviously not anyone that would want to be around you unless they like psychos. My advice is to find some new friends that accept you for the way you are now

  • post a pic


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