Should I ask my friend for weed?

So in class today, I overheard my classmates talking about smoking. there's a girl that says she smokes weed ocassilly, and im close with as an aqquaintence. So, latley I've been getting screwed over with dealers and stuff and this would be my opportunity to get some. So should I ask her, she doesn't know I smoke pot and I was suprised she even smokes weed, so like I know she smokes weed and she probly wouldn't tattle on me if I asked her if she could sell me some, but should I be sure of that? Just in case. It seems ridiculous, but I dont want to take chances. And im not accpeting answers from people who tell me not to smoke weed, tbh, I dont care.
Thanks for the help :)


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  • Hears what u so u get the dealer really high and then u tell him the weed is urs and plus I already know all the dealers in my town my town is known for druggies and they do drug deals at school so we have a cop at are school now


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  • there's no way you are 18-24