Am I a boring person?

If its a free night or day, I go to a bar, have a few drinks, or go dancing. I go to the random concert hall concerts.
I never go to parks, movies, frequently visit malls, coffee shops, restaurants, musuems,


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  • People usually consider drinking and dancing and partying as "fun". So if you do that or enjoy it, I guess that means you're not boring.

    Not many people consider museums as fun though I love them and I am a boring person.


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  • Nobody is boring. Boredom are mostly talking about topics you don't like or not talking at all. Apart from that someone can't be boring.


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  • If you have to ask then prly yes.. If I go out with my friend I entertain the fck out of them. You sound like the male version of a basic bitch. BRB like to take long walks on the beach too.