G@Gers, Do you ever retrace your thoughts?

I find myself mainly doing this to test my memory or to quiet the voices. Either way it works. Example: I was thinking of Rabbits. Cute, furry little bunnies. Bunnies taste like chicken. I have chicken. Do I want chicken? No I had that last night. What was that quote from National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1? Something about human flesh tasting like chicken. Is that why Zombies need to eat it? Their version of KFC. What about Vampires, is their blood lust more like alcoholism in their eyes? Do I know a alcoholic? No... just stoners. I haven't been high since Colorado. I should go back there soon. The rock garden was awesome while high... so was the skyride at the zoo! Only forgot to get off twice... wait... why am I thinking about getting high... what was I thinking of before all of this?
G@Gers, Do you ever retrace your thoughts?


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  • Sometimes but you seem to have a lot going on in your head there😊