Dreading to hang out with this guy because he seems to have feelings for me?

On New Years Eve I met this guy and we were talking. I was pretty drunk so I don't remember much. He texted me the next day if I remembered him (which I actually did). He then asked me if I wanted to hang out and I agreed to. However, since then he has been texting me things which kinda make it seem like he is interested in me (sending me morning texts telling me to have a nice day for example). I don't feel the same at all (if he really does). How do I kindly let him know I just wanna be friends. My heart is still hurting from someone and I'm not even ready to be with anyone yet. This is making me not look forward to hanging out with him.


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  • Before you hang out ask him ehat type of hangout it is.. Friendly or more than. And if he says more than, explain to him straight up you think of him just as a friend right now and you're hurting and aren't ready to start something. Honestly really is key. And if he says just friendly, then you're good :)

  • You can just let him know that you're not looking for a relationship currently, but you're open to new friends. You can also mention that you don't really remember much about new years eve