Girls, would you make your boyfriend cut off being friends with someone who used to be his friend with benefits?

If they had years of history but stopped hooking up and no longer hanging out but still talk ocassionally, would you make him delete her out of his life


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  • It depends. Honestly I say no I wouldn't. Because she's the past, I'm his present. Idc if they're truly just friends. Longs they're not involved with each other in a sexual way, and I know my man truly loves me and no other, I can rest easy. He knows I'm his queen and he knows I know he's my booboo king <3 and neither one of us are going anywhere.

    It takes time to truly get to that place of trust in your relationship. And it's so freeing and feels good. U can be at peace within yourself. I tell every girl to go with her gut instincts. Not her emotions. If u truly know nothing is going on, then don't let it bother u. He's with u now. Not her. Her benefits title dropped when they decided to cut the cord.


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  • I wouldn't make him, he's a grown man however I would let him know how I felt about it, and I would hope he'd make a wise decision. I don't get the point if staying in contact withs someone who doesn't have anything to do with it, who you don't see-- just pointless chit chat.