Do Europe or USA or Russia forget the power of the Turks?

We are Turks my friends, We are Ottoman Empires.
1-Okey We are not a developed country in the field of weapons technology.
2-Okey We haven't got a money as much as them.
3-But We are Turks my friends.

Napolyon Bonapart:The Turks can be killed, but they can never be conquered.


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  • Y'all don't lack for confidence, that's for sure. If you want to test yourselves, why don't you go full retard with the Ruskies and see how it all plays out. You may not have a country left afterwards, but at least everyone will respect you. I'd personally love to see y'all take a chunk out of those goddamn Russians.

    • we are sure of ourselves and fuck. ng russia plane. And Russia? only the cold war... lol

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    • Yeah, you can go stand out on the beach with your MPT-76 and watch those Russian ICBMs fly over your head.

    • hahaha. Cold War tactics... They only talk but can not. Please listen this then tremble


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  • It's quite difficult to conquer people; it almost has to be an annihilation or genocide for it to work. However, no one is really concerned.

    • The Turks conquered Europe several times. They're afraid of us. Because we are carrying Turkish blood. and we are crayz.

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    • No, but I probably have some Mongolian blood in my bloodline.

    • Okey my brother. Mongolians are Turk. bkz. Cengiz Han

  • Last I remember the Turks' empire declined precisely because the Russians started waging multiple wars against them which inevitably culminated in its collapse during the First World War.

    Thanks for the Armenian Genocide and 400 years of sexual enslavement, displacements, and second-class citizenship of my Orthodox people.

    • Ottoman Empire won the war but Germany lost. okey? firstly you should learn history then you talk to me my baby.

    • And you should learn Canakkale War... okey?

    • Also We didn't the Armenian genocide. You learn the correct History. Armenians killed kurts peoples so displacements... okey?

  • Nobody can overlook chronic food poisoning!

  • Just because you're from a place doesn't make you better than anyone else lol
    i think this is just you trying to make a shitstorm tbh

  • Hey hey, what have you done the last 200 years? While anyone alive today was actually alive?

    • i think you should search Canakkale War ;)