Girls, Do piercings look good on guys? Also do I have the right face for piercings?

I was thinking about getting a piercing, but I'm not entirely sure if I'd look good with one or not. But I'm pretty indecisive on what preaching to get. Just wanted to get some opinions on the matter... Thanks!


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  • Personally I love piercings on people but if you want some then get some.

    Different lip piercings:

    Nose percings:

    For lip percings, I suggest 1 piercing if you have thinner lips but if they're thicker then 2 would look better.
    and if you have a large nose, go with just a lip piercing.
    if you have a small nose 1 lip piercing and 1 nose piercing would look better.

    but whatever makes you happy is what matters so if there's anyone telling you not to just because they hate piercings then ignore them. but dont discredit it if someone thinks you'd look better. what makes you happy with how you look is what matters


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  • how about a brow piercing? i think that would look pretty good on you! lip piercing would also look nice, but idk- i think they're more troublesome.

    just saw your age. bruh- you look way older than 17 :p

    • Thanks for your opinion ^_^ And everybody says that lol I'm 17 though.

  • I personally love piercings on guys and yes you do have the face for one. It would look really good on you

  • I prefer tattoos on a man if he must modify his body for self expression