Making a murderer. steven avery guilty, or theresa's family?

I finished watching Making A Murderer today and I am discusted. Throughout the series I deeply believed Avery was not guilty. I am aware of what the government can do. However, after researching Avery more, I came to find evidence that was not included in the series which made me believe the producers were biased. So right now I have no idea if Avery really did comit this crime or if he was framed. (Wanted to add more but space is limited.)

Now, in the series one officer stated that most murders are commuted by close family members or friends. However they withheld investigating Theresa's family. I realized after reading people's opinions on this ordeal that most didn't even speak of Theresa's brother mike or his family. I found them to be extremely unemotional during the ordeal, especially mike, considering that their sister/daughter was brutally murdered. The way the family looked throughout the series did not match the circumstance. I don't recall once seeing any one of them cry. If that was my sister I would be balling. Even on the last trial when the family walked into the courtroom they were smiling and almost seemed indifferent of the situation where as the Avery family seemed genuinely sad/angry. Now I know that people react to loss differently, but the entire family seemed to react in a certain way. My gut is telling me, I don't know what, but something about this family doesn't sit right. My theories are 1. Either Mike murdered Theresa and somehow made a pact with the officers to blame Avery. 2. The whole family was in on it with the officers. (Who knows why) 3. Something happened with mike, Theresa's ex-boyfriend or roommate! 4. Theresa's family is twisted and had something against her and the officers confronted them with the idea of killing her and framing Avery. Or I amcompletely off and Avery is guilty

Whatever happended, I don't know. But I have and always will believe, if something evil or perverse can be thought up for a book or movie, it can be done in real life. I pray for all envolved in this event and that the truth comes out and all lies exposed. God bless.


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  • I think her ex boyfriend Scott killed her and knew she was going to Averys salvage so he planted the evidence there as he knew that the cops hated the Averys. The cops, already considering Steven guilty, assisted by planting the key and bullet. Scott leading the search party had access to the Avery salvage to plant the bones.

    If Steven had anything to do with it and killed Teresa in his garage, there would be her DNA somewhere. And if he was going to move the bones he would have moved the majority of them. Why only move a couple and leave most i plain sight? Doesn't make sense


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  • hahah Im watching it now so I can't read this :x just started it!


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  • What the documentary doesn't do is show you the prosecution's evidence, so, really, you primarily get only the defense's side. Avery may be guilty; he may not. No documentary is going to get to the bottom of it and discover the truth. Those who need to decide are the jury at his trial and they already decided. If he gets an appeal, which is not likely because there is little grounds for one, then his next jury can decide whether he is guilty or not.

  • This can't be real. Whoever filmed it for 10 years they had evidence on film pertinent to the trials and never once were they asked to submit the footage. Not to mention the fact that the defense were telling the cameras key info for the trial that could have tipped off the prosecution. Just the whole bearing a grudge and the possibility a woman was murdered by the police to frame a guy, it's scary. I just got the impression if you fuck with the authorities we'll take your life. That's basically what it amounts to. If it's true and the police and the courts and anybody in authority are just one big gang looking out for their members then you lot are in a lot of trouble. There's police corruption everywhere but killing a poor girl for a grudge is so far out there it's gone. I'm sorry to say but this reflects badly on the whole of America, not just wisconsin. People watching this just think, what a fucked up country.


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