Would you do the same :( ?

So just a few hours ago, my mom and I went to the store. While she was in the store, I saw a girl who was about 20 and she was sitting in the rain with a blanket around her. It broke my heart. I told my mom and we went and got her some McDonalds and gove her $10. Later on, we went back and I asked her if she'd like to come home with us and have dinner and take a shower. She had be recently abused and has a disorder. We offered her to stay the night and all, but we recently found out that she has had some history with the police... did I do the right thing though?


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  • You're a good person , I wish all could be the same. yes you did the right thing 😊


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  • I think you did the right thing in giving her some food and showing that there is still hope in the world. I'm not sure if I would've opened up my home based on the issues you mentioned with the police, though I would've had the same thought anyway.


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