Would you mind if a guy touched your thigh?

I'm not talking about squeezing or caressing, I'm talking about laying his hand on your thigh for a couple of seconds.

Would it bother you... how would you react if you didn't like the guy... how would you react if you did like him?

I did this to the girl I like and there was no change in character. We still teased each other and gaze at eachother a lot.


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  • I wouldn't welcome anyone to touch my thigh other than my boyfriend or someone I'm in a relationship with.

    • Or a guy you fancied possibly?

    • no, even if I fancied him or thought he was the next adonis, I wouldn't be cool with any sort of thigh-touching unless we're officially together.

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  • It would bother me even if I did like him. I don't much care for people violating my personal space most of the time.

  • yeah that's fine.

  • if it was someone i didn't no my guard would be up and i would take their hand off myself.

    • So if you liked him?

    • my guard would still be up but i would ask them to remove their hand instead. And i would regret it later

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