I think my boss is in love with me what should I do?

My bosses boss is in love with me. He is a very cool person to hang with don't get me wrong. But he has a wife and I have a boyfriend. Him and my boyfriend are really really cool my boyfriend looks up to him. Not only is it causing problems with my relationship but also at my job. People think that he shows me favoritism. And then rumors get started saying that I am having sex with him. Which is not true. I feel like if I say to him that we are just friends that he will get upset and cut my days of work. I want to believe he wouldn't do that to me. But I'm really not sure. someone please help me and tell me what I should do.


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  • First of all, make sure your boyfriend isn't suspecting of anything. If he trusts you, then the problem in your relationship should be over. About your job, everytime you hear these rumous, you deny, it's the truth anyway, isn't it? Then ignore his flirting and stuff like that. I think that's this is the best you can do now. Sooner or later he may give up.

  • Sleep your way right to the top!


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