Have you ever had a near death experience?

I was driving with my dad and someone in a big pickup truck almost T-boned my small car in a 45 mph zone. I slammed my brakes as hard as I could and we missed each other by about 3 feet.

I dont have any regrets but I wish I did more that I sought out to do. Like go to the Paris Opera house, learn dutch, french, and italian fluently, get a college degree, go to the netherlands and meet my family, order dessert first at a restaurant or anything I have yet to cross off my bucket list. Or that I tried harder to make my family stop fighting about something stupid. Because of this, I was not invited to my niece's 7th birthday party or my sister's Christmas party and even though I had nothing to do with their argument.


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  • I have had a few. Almost drown as a kid in a river but my dad pulled me out. A few years ago comming down a slick mountain road I spun out, into the other lane in front of a road work truck. Almost got stuck between him and the side of the mountain. Car was totaled but I walked away thanks to the other driver's quck reaction. I also had a few moments in the military that I am surprised to have made it back from but I am not going ge into too much detail here.


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  • No not yet. I hope never to have one.


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  • Three times to be exact but I almost got ran over by a car when I was about three years old


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