I have a hard time believing anything this woman says, yet, I find her so irresistible, why?

she's married, with children, but she says some of the most outrageous things. I go along with it because well, I like to let her sit in her guilt, if in fact she is lying, it's part of being jewish, we make people sit in their own conscious, anyway, why do i still find her so irresistible?

Not looking for criticism. looking for help


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  • That's a very good question cause it sounds like you more likely enjoy her being in her misery rather than trying to help her get out. That's evil...


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  • How far have things progressed with her?

    • To the point where she's trying to be sexual with me

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    • All I ask is that i get help, not criticism

    • You realize that the attraction is probably driven by the "forbidden fruit" aspect of this situation. What is it that you need help with?


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