I'm tired of the old me. I wanna change, where do I start? When did you decide you wanted to change your life for the positive and did it work out?

I'm still young (18) so I feel like I still have a lot of time to make positive changes to myself. I've always been hard on myself though and so with each day that passes, instead of seeing how much I have left, to change, I see how much time I DON'T have left. I'm a great kid. I'm funny, easy to get along with, approachable and kind. I love these qualities about myself and hope they never change, but there are things about myself that I can't really stand. I hate that I allow people to walk all over me. That I'm too trusting. That I dwell on the past and let the actions and opinions of nobodies ruin my whole day. I hate that I'm lazy and not ambitious. That I have no motivation and that I feel depressed and discouraged daily. I hate that I'm jealous of and constantly comparing my life to, the lives of other people. I hate that I'm always making excuses for why I can't do things when I haven't even tried. I just need a pep talk right now. Maybe someone to say "I did it. You can too. here's how!"


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  • the day I started was when I was 21. yeah life just wasn't doing it for me. I was fucking up and was fucked up and wanted to just fucking change, so I did it in the snap of a finger.


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  • I can relate so much to this haha but I've been going through this process called not giving a fuck and that has helped me so much. Not trying to be funny or whatever I'm serious. I started when I was like 15 and it was hard but slowly I started to change to the real me who's outgoing and fun not shy and just an introvert.
    Of course there are things to work on like catching feelings for people which is my biggest weakness but I mean it's a slow steady process