My friend thinks I've been talking about her but I haven't and she don't believe me. Any suggestions to convince her?

My best friend has been told that I have been talking about her behind her back. But I haven't. But she don't seem to believe me. I really treasure our friendship, so does anyone have any suggestions to help me convince her to believe me? Thanks guys!


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  • Just give her time


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  • You cannot convince someone to believe you, either they do or they do not.
    You pleaded your case, its up to her if she wants to trust in your or not.
    You've done your part of this point.

    I definitely question the quality of your friendship, if she's not willing to believe you at all.
    Friendship is based on trust.
    It's clear to see that was never there... at least on her part.

    I think what you should do is just stand behind your words and hopefully she comes around.

  • Give it up, if she doesn't believe you in the first place, you will not be able to change her mind no matter what. Just stay true to her