Girls, How to remove blood?

So today my period sneeked up on me while I was in school. In my school we have chairs with fabric on, so they are softer.. And if you have already geussed it, yes, I got my period, and there came some blood stains on the dark grey fabric on the chair.
I would have removed or tried to take it off today. But these guys stayed after school, so couldn't do it. The chair was my friends chair, so I HAVE to clean it.
Going to school early and trying to remove it tomorrow before any guys come to school, but how can you remove dried bloodstains in school?


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  • Hydrogen peroxide is your friend if the blood dried. Drop some of it on the stain and it'll start bubbling, once it stops wipe it off and apply again if needed. When the stain is pretty much gone, clean it up with COLD water

  • make a thick paste of baking soda and water and spot treat.

    rinse and soak in cold water.
    repeat if necessary.

    do not use warm or hot water. warm water makes the stain set.

    don't wash in warm water until stain is out.

  • I use hot water and green soap