How much should I sell my clothes for?

So I am on disability for a illness I have, I only get 751 dollars a month... However im thinking about buying a bunch of really nice silky and some sparkly fabric and making Kaftan dresses for plus size women... How much should I sell them for is there a rule to selling home made clothes? My great grandmother was disabled as well and she made wedding dresses and everything too...

Any advice would be nice...


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  • I don't think there's a rule as long as they are good quality and aren't worn by anyone , the value should be reasonable.

    I need to see the dress to tell u how much I'd probably consider paying for it.

    • Some dresses look worth the amount if you know what I mean

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    • Yeah I know what you mean... Im more into luxurious fabrics but I will get imitation silk or satin because the real silk and satin is hard to clean lol you can't just throw them in the wash like you can imitation.

    • Yeah. I don't even care if it's the real thing or not as long as it looks like it.

      Most of my clothing is cheap but looks expensive , everyone wonders where I get them from. There's a trick to shopping :)

  • Hmm, It depends how much in demand they will be and such however I would say a reasonable price, how ever much you'd buy a skirt for!