You're thirsty & out wandering in the desert that's full of poisonous cactuses & you stumble across 3 bottles of different liquids which1 would u?

Drink? The bottles are extremely hot from laying out in the blazing sun. You saw a sign for the nearest town, but it will take you 4 hours to get there. Which one would you drink? You tried to pee in hopes of drinking it to survive, but you haven't had anything to drink so you can't go

bottle 1 is paint thinner

bottle 2 is a 5th of everclear

bottle 3 is cooking grease oil



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  • i would open and mix bottle 1 and bottle 3 then start it on fire. i would then open bottle 2 and put it on the fire to cook off the alcohol then drink it.
    could you let me know if this is correct

    • I don't know because everclear is like 100 proof. I heard it could start a engine

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    • saw it on the discovery channel :-)

    • if you dont mind i have a question you can ask to everyone well your on this topic. why would you carry a condom with you in a survival situation
      answer is its light weight doesn't take up much room and stretchy so it can be used to help carry water


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  • Why would anyone pick one of those choices? Drinking any of them would lower your chances for survival, not increase them.

    • Not number 2

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    • Better than being thirsty right?

    • No. I hate vomiting (it's painful/gross), and I'm pretty sure that would happen if I decided to drink any of those. Obviously I'm going to die in your scenario, but I refuse to make it any worse than it has to be.

  • Hmmm I would probably try my best just to walk to the next town before drinking anything.


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  • None I'd take my chances

    • Why not?

    • The first will kill you the second will dehydrate you even faster and cause drunkenness which could disorient you and the third will just make you sick and vomiting would cause more dehydration. The best bet would be to hunt for a snake and eat it raw

  • Paint thinner would fuck you up. Ever clear would dehydrate you like a mofo, not to mention make you feel like you got punched in the throat. Not sure what cooking oil would do. I'd probably grab it and only drink it in absolute dire straights.