Last night I Dreamed I was being haunted?

It was a new job... they warned I might get scarred and that the building is haunted... the lights turned off and everyone left... I walked out the same door like 3 times ,, and everytime a a bright light blinded me and scarred me... then I continued to walk and was being followed... I woke up spooked.. ever have a dream like that?


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  • I used to.


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  • It was almost similar but it was a haunted library... well MAYBE it was haunted...

    I remember I was trying to approach a person (?) wearing a white cloak (his/her back was facing me)... and when I was almost behind him/her in a distance less than 1 foot... he/she suddenly turned back and roared... he/she was a skull wearing a big cloak...

    Then I just woke up...