Feeling so low lately, how to change my attitude on myself ?

I'm just emotionally drained
I've got to the point where my self esteem is so low and I feel so sad and even cry from time to time. Bad days at university, i feel I am not good enough because of my looks, I started doubting my ability to learn and I also have so many exams for the next month which I am stressed about, stressed about weight loss, stressed about my crush etc. Even though when I see my friends I am all laughs and smiles, and not forced, so I don't know how to fix everything
How do I change for the better?
I am afraid the stress, doubt and sadness i put myself through will get to me physically later, as in health problems. And also the way I think about my value clearly projects to my surrounding. Bad thinking-bad events and results.


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  • sounds like depression
    the key is to stop caring too much about stuff thats sometimes not important at all, I'd say, maybe besides imminent death... nothings really final and undoable, its fine to fail or not get things done on the first try
    my best friend dropped out of high school back then, got married and divorced, and when he was already in his 30s finished highschool, got to uni and finished it, got married again and very happily this time
    so, there are no "get it done or get out"s in life really, its you live and learn, and you quite never live it all or learn it all


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  • I dunno! As soon as I buy this pokemon ds game I am going to sleep! hahah

    • I advise if you feel bad! Buy some pizza and watch a movie and go to sleep! Everything will make sense later!


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  • You look very pretty in red.

    Do you talk to your friends as openly as you do on gag about your feelings?

    Would you consider talking to a professional mentor or counselor? I suffer from an ulcer, so I understand the health concerns. Perhaps you can consult a doctor about your stress levels?

    The best I can offer is to tell yourself that you have made it this far, so you can make it farther still. You are intelligent enough to have been accepted into med school, so you can go far.

  • Message me anytime

  • Let go of your crush, why hold on to something that's clearly not there


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