How do I move on? & Should I tell my boyfriend about this?

This is sticky situation. Lets start off with my boyfriend Tom. Boyfriend of 2 ½ years, dont live together, we both go to college and work. We only see each other twice a week. Sometimes he doesn't pay attention to me, he doesn't make me feel sexy, I dont feel beautiful when I'm around him, he doesn't show me off, & he hardly compliments me. We have been on and off because we cheated on each other but as crazy as it seems we love each other very much.
Now lets go to my coworker John. I've known him for 6 months we've became very close friends. He considers me his best friend. Here's the thing... I started to get feelings for him and he as well for me. However he tells me one moment he likes me then the next moment he doesn't. Its really weird. He'll flirt with other girls in front of me and I get jealous for some reason (I'm a dumbass I know). He teases me when guys hit on me because it bothers him a little. Today he told me (again) that he likes me no more than a friend after this girl was flirting with him. I got confused and for some reason my feelings got hurt. O. o

I know this is 100000% wrong. I want to get over John so I can be more focused on my relationship with Tom.
my questions are:
1. Is John serious that he likes me as a friend?
2. How can I move on from John?
3. Should I tell Tom about John?

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  • I wouldn't say anything to your boyfriend and as far as the other guy stop spending so much time with him.