He wants to meet at a coffee shop, what he's up to?

So I am applying for an internship, but he would like to meet this way. Though, we have been emailing prefessionly.. the criteria supposely is to meet hime regarding and intership. But i've did previous internship with this organization and it was different, like we met the employer and it was in an office setting
This is him when regarding meeting up...
"That should work great. I like to get out of the office. II could meet at a coffee shop close to wherever you are if you’d like?
FYI. This is laid back so don’t worry too much. There’s a lot of cool things for you to work on. I’m excited to meet with you. See you soon"

If he's cute i would not mind, but am I over thinking this?


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  • Yes your over thinking it. He chose a place to meet that's neutral territory so your both comfortable (more for you) I'm sure it will be fine

  • it's a meeting over coffee. don't think too hard.

  • It's a public space, I don't see what you have to worry about.


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