What does it mean if a model, likes your instagram pic?

She's no ordinary model. She represents my state, as Miss Ohio. She happens to also be one of the ice dancers, for the lake erie monsters. I live in Cleveland, so, she's generally close to me, as opposed to being in the southern part of the state. Anyway, last night, I had commented on one of her photos, and I guess it caught her off guard, so, she went and "liked" one of my photos. It made my day, but, what does it mean?


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  • When you scratch into your mind that besides all of her accomplishments she's a normal woman liking your photo, you will not allow yourself to over think.

    She probably likes a lot of peoples photos.

    I really wouldn't think much of it.

    But if you really like her, send her a personal message, bring up the "liking" your photo if you may.

    People who have a high status like to get treated like just another woman or man. Some of them don't like all that celeb treatment. Treat her down to earth instead of being star struck or intimidated.

    • but she knows she is, she knows she represents the state, how can you not treat her like she's not? by the way, i did comment on one her next photos (i dont think i could actually message her privately), saying thanks for liking my photo and that it made my day

    • What I mean is, just talk to her like you would any other girl. Those with high status sometimes want to feel normal, and get tired of being made a big deal over. Sometimes they just want to be treated as a person, nothing other than that.


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  • lol I've had this happen to me a few times, guys and girls. it's great! I've even had short conversations with the nice ones lmao.

    anyway, i guess she wants to give a little bit back for the comment u gave her. it doesn't mean too much more than 'i appreciate it'.

  • Ikr? Just think dude, she might actually be a human being, who even has, like, normal conversations with normal people.

    • She's freaking MISS OHIO!

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    • But the reality is, he's now an Olympic star, you can't fight that, why should you

    • I mean, really, dude, I don't know this girl, but I'm willing to bet good money that she wants nothing more than for people to just interact with her like any other normal person.

      You'll see all this flak on the internets (and in real life) about how big-shot girls go for "jerks". I mean, ok, that's not entirely baseless. But, a BIG fraction of what people are mistaking for "jerky" is just NOT putting the freakin' girl on a humongous pedestal. Like, just realizing that she's a human being who shits and farts and everything, and acting accordingly.

      She does pageants. That's a thing that she does. Just like dancing, or teaching swimming lessons. It's... a thing. You gotta keep it in perspective.

      I was an editorial model in my 20's, and, believe me, all the "OMG you're a model that's so amazing" people -- men and women alike -- made me a little sick to my stomach. Let's have a normal conversation, peeps! LOL

      Did you go to a reallyreallyreallyREALLY small high school?

  • It means she likes your photo

  • It means she liked your photo.
    I think you're over thinking this...


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  • She wants to have your babies!

  • It doesn't mean anything. She saw the picture, and liked it. That's it...

    • But, why did it take that particular comment, for her to do it? The pic I took was from about a month ago

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    • She's freaking MISS OHIO

    • Yes, I read that part.

      My comments still stands.