Why does it seem like black girls like arabs more than they do us?

In real life, a lot of black girls talk about how arabs are better looking than black men and how they would run away to the middle east to date arabs. It's self-hate and coonery.


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  • Black people look so stupid when they use words like 'coonery'. The word 'coon' was used while black ancestors were being gang raped and beaten to death. So any black person who uses it looks like a sick, twisted example of what white brainwashing has done to black people centuries later.

    Anyway, as far as it comes to black girls who are interested in Arab guys, I really can't speak for them. Maybe they are intrigued by them and find them to be something new. Your post seems really bitter.


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  • I've literally never heard that in my life.

  • How is liking another race of men, self hate? Middle Eastern men are the hottest group of guys I have ever laid eyes on. It's not our faults.

    A lot of black women still prefer black men, just chill.

  • It's mainly the dark skinned girls with nappy hair and big noses and big lips who hate themselves

  • Don't know what black girls you know but I've literally never heard this, black girls love black men not Arabs to the extent you've described it😊


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