Is it okay to get an iphone 5s with that pink tinge?

So someone I know is offering me a pretty cheap iphone 5s with a slight pink tinge when on a white background. He hasn't shown me what it looks like in real life but if you search it up like I did, you can see it's not very noticeable. So I'm asking if it looks worse in reality and if you have it is it really bad?


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  • If it's for free then sure. But I wouldn't pay much for it since it clearly has some issues. How much does he want?

    • $280 aus but I'm not allowed to get a phone more expensive than that so I don't know

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    • Hey by the way so i sorta convinced my parents and got a brand new one for $470 with 10% off :)

    • Really? Awesome! Yeah I think you're better off with new. Enjoy! 😀

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