Can I leave the hospital?

I am 16. I am in the hospital for pneumonia and I have to stay here for a couple of days. I don't want to. It's boring, smells weird, and the food is gross. Can I just walk out? Wouldn't it be illegal to keep me here? My mom won't come get me 😞


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  • You're under 18 so you can't leave without your parent's consent. You should stay anyway because pneumonia can kill you if it isn't treated properly


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  • If you're in the States, there are a whole bunch of possible outcomes.

    The mildest outcome would be that a report gets written up, some cursory attempt to contact yr parent/guardian is made, and that's that.

    The most severe outcome would be notification of Child Protective Services and/or law enforcement.

    There are several possibilities in between.

    If you are seriously considering this... consider that the cops might be called on yr parents. Would that be worth it, now? Because "the food is gross" and the place "smells weird"?

    The technical term here is "AMA discharge" (AMA = against medical advice). If you want to read about it on the internets.

    Don't be stupid, please.


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  • You obviously have the internet so it can't be that bad. You can read books online, hang out on GaG, or like go read Homestuck. You can never be bored after homestuck

  • You shouldn't leave. Stay there and let them take care of you. I would think that you would need your legal guardian to sign something to discharge you.

  • If you walk out they'll most likely send someone to bring you back.