Does anyone here have a firm or decent grasp of physics?

I need some help with it.


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  • Is there a pun here, with the firm grasp?

    What kind of physics?

    • Kinematic equations and the likes. School stuff.

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    • @IceEverest Oh come on, you actually managed to not laugh? Pickle cells?

      I mean, ok, at MY high school, that might have started race-related brawls, depending on the race of the person who said it, and who was around to hear it. So, if people didn't laugh, it would be because shit was about to go down.

    • We laughed so hard , the moment the principal went out... I bet our Principal too, must be rolling on the floor laughing...
      Her name is still Miss Pickle.
      Anyway, thanks for having such long conversation...

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  • Instead of asking people if they know physics it'd be better if you just asked the questions right away.

    • No one would bother then. People are more likely to help out if you present them with a problem individually. + and if the problem is visible to all and people see that someone already commented on the question then they're going to assume that it has already been solved and no further help is needed. Basic psychology, friend.

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    • You have kik? Let's switch to that its more convenient. (Time for some gay sext)

    • All right, we can go full homo with dem physics. Mu username is TheDovahkiin95


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  • @Omar5881 it's your time to shine!

    • LOL 😂 depends on what kind of physics and by the way I got the semester physics exam tomorrow 😂
      @asker what's the problem?

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    • @Omar5881 Good luck with that 😛

    • Use the three equation of motion find the given and substitute

  • I hate it with passion.. 😅

  • I don't know :(

    But I secretly find it hot when someone understands physics and does the equations and formulas or whatever. I'm just thinking Ike "awww yessss baby. Do that complicated math" lol jk.

    Sorry I can't be of help :/

  • Typically this is where I tag rthomas43 but he hasn't been on GaG in ages

  • I took physical science freshman year, I might be able to help.


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  • wish i could help. i was an almost perfect student but physics was like trying to read the rosetta stone to me

  • What's the problem, word for word?

    • An object's starting speed is 1m/s. After some constant acceleration it reaches 7m/s. I need to know it's speed midway on the road.

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    • never mind on the units (a*x would be m^2/s^2) but you know what i mean.

    • yah

      if they don't like the "pick yr own numbers" then you can also just do it like this: take that same equation i got up there (v0)^2 + 2ad = (vf)^2
      solve for distance = (vf^2 - vo^2)/(2a)

      since yr talking about the half-way point, the 2 distances should be the same: the distance from v = 1 to v = mystery value, and the distance from v = mystery value to v = 7.

      so that's (mystery value^2 - 1^2)/(2a) = (7^2 - mystery value^2)/(2a)

      then ignore the bottoms of the fractions bc they're the same, and do some arithmetic mathemagix.

      lol I was always pretty good at these problems -- just throw shit around until things cancel (as long as we were allowed to have a cheat sheet with the equations, bc cannot memorize)
      go california public schools!

  • Physics is Phun!

    • You just came to pun around or you actually know the stuff?

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    • They probably just want me to describe how I get to that number in a fancy way with a butload of formulas or what not.

    • "If it's constant acceleration then 1/2 way there should be 1/2 of its final speed."

      ^^ Nope.

      Constant acceleration means speed goes up by a constant amount per TIME unit.

      Which means it doesn't go up by a constant amount per distance unit.

      Just break it down into 2 parts. First half, from 1 to 4 m/s, and second half, from 4 to 7 m/s.
      These are equal amounts of TIME (since that's what acceleration means).
      So the thing definitely goes way-the-fuck more distance in the second half, because it's going faster the whole time.

  • Have you tried using the Khan Academy on youtube?

    • Yea. I already asked a question there once but I don't think I'll get an answer any time soon this evening. I already have 2 out of 5 equations solved. Will you be able to help out on the other three, if need be?

  • Well I know that what goes up must come down and that Donald Trump is an idiot.. other then that I figure it out as I go.. its more fun that way

  • I do, or you can ask on physics. stackexchange. com

  • Physics?
    Ask me anything... I just got 5th rank in class for Physics..
    By the way questions asked by you so far are rather very easy... Which college are you studying?

    • I know the questions are easy but I have never liked physics. I don't like maths either but at least I can sometimes enjoy making the homework. I can give you another problem if you want.

      At what minimal distance from a crossroads, where the traffic light is red, does the incoming car have to start breaking if:
      It is going at 80km/h
      And the 'breaking' coefficient between the tires and the asphalt is 0.5

    • So did you get the question?

  • Not so much. It's been a while.