Hello! i'm really into my horoscopes i'm a Taurus by the way and I need help trying to understand?

i honestly feel like my horoscope might be talking about the guy im talking to just yesterday we started talking again because he was upset with me but today i read my horoscope and this is what it says
" you maybe be frustrated and even angry that someone has not given you the praise or the credit that you deserve, this person may be trying to keep all the glory, and so revealing your role would only take away from that person's share of it. even though this is not fair, you have to consider the source. this move may be coming from the individual's lack of confidence and low self-esteem. you can try to change this person, but you can also reveal your role yourself. it may seem like bragging, but sometimes you have to blow your own horn can someone please give me a summary of what my horoscope is trying to tell me


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  • Seems like you're giving a thumbs down to anyone who dares to question your belief but I'll try and dare it anyway. Watch the video below to find out (in a nutshell) why your beloved astrology is complete and utter bullshit.
    But let's start with a little shocker: did you know that you're not a Taurus? Yes, that true! I know you don't want to hear it but you're actually not a Taurus, you're a different zodiac. The reason for this is an astronomical (not astrological!) process that made the original zodiac model invented several thousand years ago completely outdated. Yet, although it's outdated, we're still using it! So how come you're sooooo convinced that you're a Taurus if you're not actually a Taurus? Doesn't that clearly suggest that it really doesn't matter what zodiac you are because all that matters is whether you believe it or not?
    By the way, scientists have also made all kinds of interesting experiments related to astrology. In one particularly interesting experiment, 20 people were given a horoscope and told that this horoscope was made specially for them. They were supposed to read and study the horoscope and find out whether it describes them accurately. At the end of the experiment, 18 (EIGHTEEN!) of the 20 participants claimed that the horoscope fitted perfectly onto their personality. At that point, the scientists revealed that the horoscope wasn't made for them, it was a horoscope made for Adolf Hitler 80 years ago. And yet, they totally identified with it!
    If you're at least of average intelligence, you shouldn't just downvote people's comments but think about your beliefs critically.

  • Horoscopes are a waste of time. You might as well just roll several pairs of dice look at the numbers and try to discern your future that way.


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  • Horoscopes aren't true. It's all just a bunch of BS that is so general that anyone can relate to some of it.