Ever run into anyone who just instigates a situation?

like so


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  • Woah... that girl is hot and scary at the same time haha :-). No... I don't think I've ever had that kind of negative situation with a stranger happen to me. But then again, I'm also a rather passive and very polite person. I would never cut the line for example. I also tend to let other people push me away when we all want to get on a bus or on a train, rather than pushing other people away. I guess I'm almost a bit Japanese in this. I would rather get on a bus last than give another person a reason to get pissed at me. But I have had a few positive situations with strangers happen to me totally out of nowhere. Probably the best one happened when I was living in San Francisco for some time (I'm not from the US). I was walking down main street and literally out of nowhere, this very pretty girl around my age walks towards me from the other direction. I slowed down, so we wouldn't bump into each other and waited for her to go a bit to the left or to the right and pass by. But instead of doing that, she just kept walking straight at me. When she was about 3 feet away, she suddenly stopped too and just looked at me with a big smile. I probably looked at her with a complete deer-in-the-headlights type of look, wondering what she wanted. We stood like that for a few seconds and just when I wanted to ask her what this was all about, she suddenly said to me: "You're really cute!" I was so surprised I just said something like "uhm uh mmh thanks?" I wasn't really used to getting complimented a lot by girls. Then she said "Can I give you a hug?" That startled me even more. I wanted to react in a cool way but I was just speechless. So I just responded "Sure...". And before I knew it, she had stepped up to me and hugged me really tightly. I could even feel how her boobs were kinda pressing against my chest. I was first too shy to put my arms around her but then I did it anyway. And so we stood there for quite a long time. Eventually, she loosened the hug, smiled at me one more time and said in a kinda flirty tone "bye" and... just walked away. For about 5 minutes I just stood there, looking after her, totally confused, wondering what the hell just had happened. I've never seen her again and though it was a very cool experience, I also have never found out why she did that and why exactly with me ;-).

    • Quite a story! Next time that happens, get that number!

    • Yeah, I know, I should have :-). I just never expected anyone to do that. People in my country are so reserved, they would never do that. We also don't have strangers just talking to each other like that. When Swiss people sit on a bus, they always try to just look at their feet to not accidentally make eye contact with a stranger haha :-). So the fact Americans are not like that is something I really loved in the US. But in that situation I was just really startled. Next time I'll just be like "I will only give you that hug if you'll give your number" ;-)


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  • my only comment is there's trash in every race and no race is immune from it

  • xD, omg sith mind reader bs right here