Most epic bro couple?

I don't think it gets more epic than these Bros, I mean one literally tried to his bro bt trying to take bullet for him evendoe his bro still got shot pretty bad in arms but its thinking that counts right?

and if you think there is even more epicest bro couple out there, Name em. I'd love to see... for scientific purposes only.


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  • My father and his friend James not a couple obviously but quite good friends since childhood, they street raced together, got into trouble together became quite the bodybuilders together back in the day joined competitions, joined the military together, he's practically like family. And he has an amazing gun collection that is quite fun to shoot.

    No pics though.

    Now if we're talking celebrities then hands down Shawn and Gus from Psych

    Seriously if you haven't watched that show do it and tell me they aren't awesome, best friends, Shawn runs a physics deceive agency ( he's not actually physic though ) Gus is his black side kick and the run around solving crime and making trouble for everyone around them.

    Just some funny nicknames Shawn always calls Gus.

    • Shit I watched that show twice but then forgot the name of it but yea I watched that episode where they both took down some truck filled with illegal stuff

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    • Sure is and nah I wish he did, it got taken by the cops when he parked it wrong when I was younger they took it to the impound and they crushed it while he was at work without him knowing. I'd love to get him another one someday though, he loved that car.

    • Thank ya.


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  • Matthew McCogaughey and Lance Armstrong

    • Hmm in what movie? If real life.. post pics.. for scientific purposes and for projects being conducted by NASA.

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    • Wrong thread sorry.

    • Woh there

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  • Hmm... Stiles and Scott. #Teenwolf

  • Dennis and Mac from Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


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