So France declared an economic state of emergency?

When will liberals and dems realize that their policies and voting practices are killing the world. Trump 2016 a vote for trump is a vote to at least attempt to save our country.


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  • Liberals and Dems never do good economically. I mean lets look at unions (dems backers), they are extremely bad for business. The only type of person that backs a union is a couch potato. Doesn't want to work, just want to watch tv as the life clock ticks by.

    Trump truly needs to save this country and fix the pay/need ratio. Also, Trump is not a warlike person, but he knows common sense, which the Obama administration clearly lacks of. I mean all of the smartest people knew that if you got rid of the dictators in the middle east, terrorist would sprung out of the ground. If you have a spider in your garage, dont get rid of it. If you do, then you will start to wonder why your getting stung by bees inside your house.

    Lastly, watch how the immigrant wave will be the cause of a very annoying turmoil out in the west.


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  • Trump is very far from being a supporter of capitalism. He supports protectionism and opposes the free movement of labour. He is not in principle opposed to socialized medicine. He is probably the most anti-capitalist of all the Republican presidential candidates.

  • I don't understand how people from the US can take someone who use same propaganda style as north Korea seriously haha. I hope people vote for him it'll be hilarious.

    • what propaganda style would that be?

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    • he speaks the truth

    • I don't give a shit about what he says, it's how hilariously stupid he promotes himself through propaganda on a higher level than the cold war and China.

  • Liberals would rather take the whole world down with them than change directions.