Help replacing cartiges from printer. I turn on the printer and the printer does not align them to the place where I can remove them?

THe printer is a used deskjet 460.
forgive my igorance but well I purchased this hp deskjet that is used, and in the instructions to replace the cartridges, i have to turn it on, and supposedly the printer aligns them to the spot where you can remove them, but I keep turning it on and off and pressing the other 2 buttons and they dont align to the place where I can remove them. is there anything I can do? should I return the printer now?

here is the instructions on removing on page72, and it says to just turn on the printer and I dont see that the printer aligns them to where it shows in the piture , help


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  • Turn it on, wait for it to finish its startup sequence, and only then open the top cover. You don't have to press anything. SMFH.

  • I would return it. Get a Brother printer, they are much better.

  • reach in with your hand coerce them to align