Are you a grammar enthusiast?

I always find myself getting annoyed over typos and words that are used incorrectly (especially if it's me that makes the mistake).
For example, people confuse the words:
·There, their, they're
·Affect and effect
·Your and you're
It's never ending!

Now that I think about it, I most likely already made multiple errors just typing this. 😔 *SIGH*

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  • Only in sarcastic/silly situations will I not mind ignoring anything to do with proper grammar. (^^ Above is example)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I generally like to write grammatically correct sentences. I do admit that I probably make some punctuation mistakes in English once in a while since English is not my mother tongue and the punctuation works rather different in German. So I'm certainly no grammar-nazi because I wouldn't ever claim that I don't make mistakes. I also don't really mind typical internet mistakes such as confusing "your" with "you're". That kinda stuff just happens so fast when you're typing and paying attention to the content rather than the grammar.
    However, there are certain things that really put me off. For example I don't like this chat-language... something like "wut r u doin?" Some people on GaG write like that all the time and it gets on my nerves. I don't mind it because it's "wrong" grammar but because it comes across as childish. If you're 15, you can do that. It's okay. But if you're 25 and you still do that, I find it a little immature.

    • Wow, good for you for learning English! That's impressive!
      And I also feel the same way about the chat language. I just find it strange how people could type like that on a daily basis. It bothers me too much, I guess.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, I am, but I don't go crazy over correcting others. I get mad at myself, though, when I see that I have made an error, whether it'd be my fault or autocorrect's fault. Oh well.


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What Guys Said 4

  • Before going to law school, I was an English major in college. So I'm always sort of automatically correcting grammar in my head when I read things. The errors just pop off the page/screen. But I'm not an extremist about it (at least on GAG) because I know a lot of people here are pretty young, and others don't have English as their first language. Still, though, some of it just makes you shake your head. lol

    • Well said. I completely agree.

  • Ehhh as long as I can understand and others understand I really don't care. I am aware that I make mistakes here all the time and I'm not bothered by it. More than half of the time its from autocorrect. >_>

  • Yes! *Eye twitch*

  • Not at all; I tend to not make sense, most of the time


What Girls Said 5

  • It bugs me when I make mistakes while typing, especially on my phone. I don't feel the need to proofread before I hit send, so when I read it after I post things, I regret it.

    I can look over certain grammatical errors for some people, but when someone just doesn't care, I am ready to get my red pen out and start grading. Haha.

  • "You can be a little ungrammatical if you come from the right part of the country." - Robert Frost

    I majored in English and work extensively on written communication, but poor grammar doesn't bother me so much as not making a point well. I do have a major pet peeve concerning poor reading comprehension, though.

  • All of those things you mentioned annoy me to the max, im judgy when it comes to that and ill admit it, however I dont expect someone to type like theyre writing an MLA essay when theyre just casually texting me or something like that.

  • I get really annoyed at myself when I make a typo. There a few times when I'm careful and other times when I blindly type things. Yes, I am a grammar enthusiast.

  • It depends on the language. In English? Not really. In Portuguese? I'm the Naziest Nazi Grammar of all.

    • ... and now I feel dumb for writing "Nazi grammar" instead of "grammar Nazi". Karma sure is a bitch.

    • Haha I caught that but I just thought it was funny. At least you saw it though! :D

    • Silly me, haha.