Am I being disloyal?

So I wanted to send out an application for this position to this company, however they are only hiring from this dumbass school which gets put on a pedestal far too much.

Anyways, the hiring manager who is an alumni of our school reached out to our school because she realizes the quality of the applicants.

I'm facing a moral dilemma. On the one hand, I want to put in an application and see what comse. On the other, I know that I'm just taking a shot, if I get a better job then well I'd rather take that.

I don't want to waste her time and tarnish my school's reputation.


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  • There is nothing wrong in trying for a better job.

  • An application is just an application. You don't have to accept the job even if it's offered to you. The only thing that would be in bad taste is if you accepted the job and then reneged.

  • You should never feel sorry for chasing a better professional opportunity


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