Do jealous people like to see you miserable and failing?

My friends mom seems to enjoy when my friend is failing and miserable? My friend is having a hard time and out of a job and her mom seems to enjoy it, it weird. My friend is also heart broken from a stupid guy and my friends mom doesn't ask her if she's ok when she's crying or upset. I told my friend I think her mother is jealous of her is why she has no empathy or sympathy for her. Is it possible for a mother to be this way because she is jealous? I feel so sorry for my friend because my mom is always there for me. I swear my friend mom is acting like the step mom from Cinderella. Thoughts?


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  • If she is a step-mother then she is behaving in that way or otherwise I don't know how a real mother could do that for any child. Help her to get a job and don't let her live in depression. Be happy and make her happy :)

  • It's possible some people get off from other people's misery but her own mother? That's pretty heartless


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