How old do you have to be to join the NBPP?

I've wanted to be a civil rights activist for a while. I've been reading on Huey P. Newton lately and i'm fascinated with how much power they had. I feel like now, they aren't as focused on strenghtening our community and I have really good ideas on how to help.


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  • The NBPP does not seem to be like the BPP. They seem more intolerant/extremist than the BPP (who actually had white members and I loved that about them).

    They don't seem focused on helping the community, no. They seem more focused on spreading hate. But if you are not like that and would like to gear them to the appropriate approaches as had been done in the past...

    • There is actually many white women who are involved with the NBPP. Some, dating members.

    • I'm sure there are. But I was referring to the time when the BPP was rising. Even then, there were whites within the party which I find is amazing whenever that happens.


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  • Any age...