If you could ask any question or make a comment to any celebrity who would it be?

if you could ask any question or make a comment to any celebrity, to whom would it be and what would it be?
ill start
its a comment and a question
to taylor momson in your unstaged pictures you usually look so lonely. how many people do you feel actually know the real you? all your hopes and dreams and your insecuritys.

  • you see celebritys only as a celebery some better than you
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  • a celberity is just like everyone else but has a different type job.
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  • other or see results
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  • Mark Zuckerberg.

    • what would you ask him or what would you want to say to them

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  • For me it'd always be about their technique and craft, since I do idolize celebrities at times, but particularly for their talents and skills, nothing more. So I'd ask questions of a technical nature related to their work, not their personality, since I've always only been interested to me in the former. Some celebrities are godly when it comes to their skill, experience, dedication at something. But their personality is simply human. I don't see the point of asking what their favorite food is or something of this sort -- I never understood this style of idolatry, though I do understand recognizing someone who is extraordinarily good at what they do.

    • there was another question on here were someone had asked why would a celebrity feel so alone. thats why i asked this question. to see if people ever thought of the person behind the celebrity image. i think if i ever had the chance i would probably ask the same type of question you would, about who the nuts and bolts of the operate behind the sences. like when someone is on tour and your on the road for months at a time how do you do your laundry well traveling so much.

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